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Knee Pain when Bending

Why do I have Knee Pain when Bending or Squatting?

Usually, it may indicate that the knee has an injury, or there is degeneration of the structures inside the knee. The possible structures causing such pain are:
- Cartilage, the soft bone inside the knee
- Meniscus, the shock absorption structure inside the knee
- Less commonly, bone itself, if there had been an injury causing swelling inside the bone
Over-exercise or over-use of the knee may cause such pain, but it would usually also indicate that there has been damage or degeneration inside the knee.
Causes of the Knee Pain
Many people start to develop such knee pain after an injury, such as a fall onto the knee, a sporting injury, or a car accident. In this case, it is likely that the injury has caused damage of the cartilage or meniscus, causing the knee pain. Such damage may be mild, a small tear, or even a complete tear.
Others may start to develop this pain after a period of frequent exercising. This may be due to over-exercise aggravating the degeneration of the knee. In some cases, the pain does not go away even after stopping the exercise, and this indicates a more serious condition.
Older people who have such pain may mean that there is degenerative arthritis in the knee. In such cases, people may also feel stiffness of the knees, or pain when the weather is cold.
Treating Knee Pain When Bending or Squatting
If you had an injury resulting in knee pain when bending or squatting, simple treatment methods include rest, ice, compression and elevation. However, if pain after an injury persists for more than 1 to 2 weeks, you should have your condition checked. 
The risk of self-managing pain for beyond a short period is that the injury progresses over time and worsens by the time you have it checked.
Various treatment methods are available for different stages of knee pain conditions. These include:
- Oral medications
- Physiotherapy
- Appropriate use of a knee guard
- Lubricant injections
- Biological injections to stimulate healing
- Key-Hole procedures to repair the knee
Treating any condition in its early stages will likely have a faster and better recovery as compared to treating it in its later stages.

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Dr Ang CL

About Dr Ang Chia Liang

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